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Stay Cool with No AC

How to Stay Cool Without an Air Conditioner

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Think for a moment, what a Utah summer would be like without an air conditioner. It would seem almost impossible to most. Utah residents have become quite accustomed to modern day conveniences such as the air conditioner. There are, however, people that do not have an air conditioner. Also, there are people who are trying to conserve energy and save money by using it less. There may even be some tenants that live in a home where the air conditioner just doesn’t cut it.

For you in the latter scenarios, here are a few tried and true tips for staying cooler in the summer.


Gadgets, electronics, and small appliances create a lot of heat, even in the off position. When not in use, keep the plugs out of the outlet. This will reduce the heat output and save energy. As a result, you will save money.

2. Use Natural Light

Even eco-friendly and energy efficient light bulbs produce heat. Take advantage of the longer days and the natural light we get to enjoy in the summer. Only turn a light on when necessary. You might be surprised how much you can accomplish without turning them on.

3.Think outside the Box

Fans aren’t just for blowing air around your house. Turn your box fan around and put it in the window to pull the hot air outside. You may not know this, but ceiling fans run in both directions. Adjust the fan so it runs counter-clockwise, which will pull the hot air up to the ceiling instead of just whirl it around the room.

4.Veto the Oven and Stove

Prepare food that doesn’t require the oven to avoid creating more heat in the house. Eating cold food keeps you cooler as well. Also, eating smaller lighter meals that are easier to digest reduces body heat. If you must have hot food, choose to grill instead.

5. Generate a Cross Breeze

Open some windows and place fans across from them. Place yourself in the middle. You will get cooled down in no time. The outside air combines with the swirling air from the fan creating a nice cooling cross breeze. Use as many windows and fans as you have. You can use a spray bottle and squirt cold water into the fan. Ooh la la.

6. Oh… Sheet

Hang a wet sheet over an open window. The outside air blowing through the sheet will instantly reduce the temperature. You can use a spray bottle to keep it wet. Wet the top sheet on your bed. A cool wet sheet over your body will bring the temperature down nicely.

7. Make a DIY Air Conditioner

Find the biggest pan you have. Fill it with ice and place it in front of a fan. The fan will create a nice breeze as it brushes over the ice. As the ice melts a cooling mist is created.


If you have tried these tips, and can’t beat the heat, don’t sweat it. Call One Stop Heating & Air and we will install a brand new air conditioner to keep you cool.

Call (801) 355-9500 today for all your air conditioner needs.

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