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Want To Save Energy and Money? Consider a Zoning System

Saving money is a goal no matter what you are doing. If you are buying lunch, you don’t want to get expensive dishes that are just for looks. If you are purchasing a car, you want to get the model that gets the job done. Did you know that there are ways to save money even while cooling your home. Traditional cooling methods are often outdated and inefficient. Here’s a breakdown of why you should consider a zoning system.

Why Zone?

First, zoning is amazing for saving energy and money. Suppose you have a house with a number of different rooms. Some rooms are occupied during the day while others are vacant. There’s no point in cooling the rooms with nobody in them; you are simply wasting cool air on your furniture. The best solution to this problem is zoning. With zoning, you create different areas that sit at different temperatures. You ensure that your spouse is comfortable in the living room while you cook in a slightly different climate in the kitchen.

Where to Zone

Next, there are a number of great places to zone. The bedroom is one obvious candidate. There’s a good chance that your home has master bedrooms and guest bedrooms that see various degrees of occupancy. When your children are home from college, they will be using up a bedroom. When a bedroom is empty, you can turn off the AC in that zone to save an immense amount of money. Your office space is another terrific choice. If you work from home, you likely occupy this office during the day. However, there is no point in cooling the office at night. Set up a zone here as well.

When to Zone

Zoning can be done at any time of the day. In particular, zoning midday is critical. This is when you experience the warmest temperatures and most stress on your AC system. If you can set up a couple of zones, you’ll greatly reduce your energy consumption when things are the hottest. It’s not a bad idea to already have these zones in mind when you wake up in the morning. By the time the sun is at its peak, you’ll already have a comfortable environment in place that isn’t a huge blow to your wallet. In addition, zoning when you’re the only one at home is super helpful. There’s no reason to cool down the entire home when you only exist in one room. If you have a central cooling system, you can really hone in on an exact location.

Types of Zoning Systems

One approach to zoning is with multiple thermostats. This is often the easiest method as you can place one thermostat upstairs and one thermostat downstairs. Each controls a floor, and you can operate them separately as needed. In recent years, smart thermostats have become some of the most powerful tech on the market. A single smart thermostat can take care of multiple rooms at once with its intelligent capabilities. On the interface, you’ll be able to prescribe which rooms are the coldest and which ones don’t need cooling at all.


Lastly, there are a couple of cautions with zoning that you need to be aware of. It’s disadvantageous to have an excessive number of zones. While you might be tempted to set up a zone for every single room, this can lead to complications. Instead, it’s better to merge together the rooms that have similar purposes. For example, if you frequently walk between the upstairs bathroom and bedroom at night, combine these areas into one zone. Your basement and some of the closets nearby can serve as another zone. When you find a perfect balance between too many and not enough, you’ll save the maximum amount of energy and money.

Call Professional Services

In conclusion, these are a few great reasons you should consider a zoning system if you want to save energy and money. Zoning has proven to be effective in all sorts of homes. To help get you started, a professional service such as One Stop Heating and Air Conditioning in Sandy, UT, can plan out efficient zones in your home. We’re also capable of handling heating, air and other HVAC issues. Please don’t wait to contact us if you want to try out zoning!