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3 Common Furnace Problems

3 Common Furnace Problems

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For many families, the furnace becomes their favorite home appliance once the winter months arrive. But when a home heating system is not working as expected, the problem can cause a significant decline in the comfort that a family experiences inside their home. Homeowners can prevent problems with the furnace by performing regular maintenance. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the potential complications that can cause the performance of your heating system to decline.

1. Dirty Ductwork

Dust will accumulate on vents, coils, motors and the surfaces of air ducts over time. Pet hairs, skin flakes and other debris will attach itself to the dust that is in the air. The coat of grime this process produces may then begin to cover the parts inside your furnace. The unhealthy environment created makes it possible for mold, bacteria and allergens to introduce themselves into your home and negatively affect the health of family members. Air filters provide some defense against this issue but do not protect all the parts that make up your furnace system.

You can avoid many of the problems associated with dirty ductwork by periodically checking for the presence of dirt, debris and grime. To do this, you only need to remove a vent and take a look inside. Air registers that contain dust buildup, clogged air filters, dust on the motor or blower fan, or dust clinging to the coil are all signs it is time to clean your furnace system’s ductwork.

2. Dirty Burners

When the burners in your furnace become covered in gunk, the result is an insufficient supply of the natural gas needed to facilitate combustion. Clogged burners will make it difficult for your furnace system to work at optimal levels, and they may prevent it from starting altogether. A blue flame is a sign of a clean and healthy burner. Burners that produce orange or yellow flames are probably in need of a thorough cleaning. Another sign that a burner is dirty is a rumble or boom upon ignition. You can clean dirty burners on your own, but this course of action is discouraged. It is both safer and more likely to yield a positive result if you have a professional clean the burners in your furnace.

If you do choose to clean the burners yourself, make sure that you turn off the power to the furnace before starting. You will need to remove the panel from the front of the furnace system to find the burners. Once you identify the burners and remove them from the furnace system, you should use a vacuum to eliminate any dust and debris accumulated on their surfaces. When you are finished with the cleaning, replace the burners and carefully place them in their proper positions. You can then restart the power to the furnace and see if the performance has improved.

3. Dirty Filters

Filters are another component of your heating system that will accumulate large amounts of dust and debris. Airflow into and out of the system becomes restricted when too much dirt settles into the filters. This restricted airflow can cause your furnace to overheat. It is also important to understand that when an accumulation of dirt already exists on them some debris will find its way past your filters. Once dirt and debris are in other areas of your furnace, these culprits cause additional problems to the system by attaching themselves to motors, wheels, furnace blowers and other components.

Your furnace will work harder to circulate warm air throughout your home when the filters are clogged. The additional work the system performs will make it more costly to heat your space. In addition, it could shorten the productive life of the equipment. Clogged filters will also result in dust and debris finding their way through vents and into your home. This debris could mean health problems for family members who suffer from allergies, asthma or other breathing-related issues. Your system will perform better if you clean the air filters in your furnace once a month and replace them three to four times each year.

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