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The Importance of Maintaining Your HVAC System

Spring is on its way and with Spring, comes the warmer Sandy, Utah weather. Flipping the thermostat from “heat” to “cool” is a long-awaited day in Utah! As the seasons’ change, so does your need for cooling. It’s a good idea to get prepared for the change in the weather before the hot weather of summer hits. Spring is a great time to make sure your HVAC system and air conditioner are working properly with routine maintenance.  After all, no one wants to make an emergency HVAC call on the hottest day of the year in Utah!

The Importance Of A Pre-Season Maintenance Check

Heating and cooling systems are built to meet your indoor temperature needs. Striving for a comfortable temperature in your home requires a delicate balance between mechanics, air flow and equipment. Proper HVAC maintenance helps maintain a good balance even though the system consistently starts and stops.

Reasons For Proper Air-Conditioner Maintenance Sandy

With the on-demand operation, seasonal maintenance on your cooling system can help protect against unexpected failures. Not only does it help prevent future problems but it also helps maximize the life of your heating or cooling unit. AC Tune-ups and pre-season inspections could potentially uncover leaks, rust, soot, rot or corroded electrical contacts/or frayed wires on your air conditioning unit. By uncovering these small issues it can prevent larger equipment failures in the future. No one wants to be that person whos AC Unit breaks in the summer, and is miserable when it could have been prevented.

Proper AC maintenance can help keep your system running at the most efficient performance level. In addition, having an effective maintenance routine can reduce energy costs. In some cases, these savings can reach up to 40% depending on the system.

Signs That It’s Time For a Tune-Up or AC Repair Sandy

It’s pretty easy to tell if your air conditioner system is in need of repairs. In some cases, inexperienced homeowners may wonder whether the air conditioner unit is really working or not. Homeowners may also feel that when their air conditioning system is showing signs that it needs repairs that it is not urgent. It is better to deal with the AC problem before it gets worse or the Air conditioning system stops working altogether. Here are a few signs your AC unit needs to have a tune-up.

  1. Your AC unit blows warm air or does not blow much air at all.
  2. There is poor air flow throughout your home.
  3. Your thermostat is inaccurate.
  4. Loud noises are coming from your AC system.
  5. Your unit is blowing bad smelling air.
  6. Your home feels humid.
  7. There are freon smells or signs of a water leak.

It may be time to replace your Air Conditioning unit if you are having to make frequent repairs and it’s still not working right.  No matter how many times you have your AC serviced, repaired or tuned-up, sometimes the most cost-effective thing to do is to replace the unit.

Expert Diagnostic Air Conditioning Repair Includes:

  1. Visual inspection of all AC components.
  2. A full system performance test will be included.
  3. System control tests and state of charge check.
  4. A thorough leak test is performed.
  5. A dye detection test is done if a slow leak is hard to find.

Rely On a Top HVAC Company Sandy

Scheduling an air conditioning repair to ensure your AC system is working at maximum efficiency is always a good idea when facing the hot final weeks of summer. Just getting an AC Vent cleaning can help your AC system run more smoothly. For the best HVAC company near you, give One Stop Heating & Air in Sandy a call. Not only will our Sandy AC contractor help your central air system work more efficiently, but they can also do a duct cleaning and repair, furnace repair, heating installation, and thermostat replacement. Give One Stop Heating & Air a call today for all your air conditioner needs at (801) 355-9500.